Therapeutic Music and Sound Healing – Exploring 21st Century Soundwork

Facilitated by Joshua Leeds (USA),
author of The Power of Sound, and guest presenters

4-5 day residential workshop in Ibiza, Spain
November 16-21, 2017

JOIN sound researcher Joshua Leeds in a rare, dynamic, and immersive exploration of intentional music and sound.
This workshop is academic, highly experiential, and fun! Designed for people interested in the role of sound in their personal and professional lives, this is a gathering of the tribe – those that recognize music and sound as sacred and healing.

 In this 4-day music gathering, we dive into Soundwork: neuroscience, music and sound therapy, sound healing, song, chant, body rhythm, history, future, spirit, psyche, and emotion – all facilitated with music and sound! 

Musicians , artists , therapeutic professionals and educators – anyone looking to define or refine their use of music and sound. 

• Sound as frequency medicine
• Core principles of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001)
• Psycho- & bio-acoustic principles
• Resonance, entrainment and pattern identification
• Frontiers of soundwork
• Research overview
• How to create positive soundspace
• Toning
• Song and chant
• Rhythm
• Vibroacoustics
• Sound and animals
• Soundwork community (Sangha)

This Joshua Leeds course offers a certificate of completion.


Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher, educator, and music producer with 50+ hours of specialized soundtracks used in homes, clinics, classrooms, and animal care facilities worldwide. Since 1986, he has specialized in the fields of psychoacoustics – the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system, and bioacoustics – how human sound affects other living beings. He is the author of The Power of Sound,
Through a Dog’s Ear 
and Sonic Alchemy.

Mornings will be spent in academics, afternoons with experiential, and evenings in non-linear programs and networking. 

There will be body percussion and singing/chanting modules each day. 

Other activities include sound baths, ecstatic dance, meditations, nada yoga, videos, and community performance. (All activities use organic and healing instruments from around the world.) 

REGISTRATION for November 16-21, 2017

Early Bird price (registration by 31st August, 2017)  EU 870
Includes room and board for five nights
Includes optional seminar  21 november 2017          EU 1000 

Standard registration                                             EU 970
Includes room and board for five nights
Including optional seminar and 1 extra night lodging  EU 1100

Non-residential ( limited places /including all meals )   EU 500


REGISTER EARLY! Seminar limited to 35 participants.

For bookings and reservations:


•11/16 Thursday: Registration ( any time from 12:00)
dinner at 7 pm. Workshop begins at 8:30 pm 

•11/17 Friday: Workshop 

•11/18 Saturday: Workshop 

•11/19 Sunday: Workshop 

•11/20 Monday: Workshop 

•11/21 Tuesday: Optional seminar – Psychoacoustic Music and  Recording Techniques

For further information;  contact  Deva,   +34 690 167 637



Check out this Body Percussion  link on YouTube

A note from Joshua Leeds:

“Soundwork is re-emerging in the 21st century. With fascinating new discoveries, there is growing cultural awareness of the power of music and
sound. To create world-class intentional music requires both science and art.

After three decades in Soundwork, I now facilitate Sound Sanghas. A Sangha (Sanskrit) is a community for practice and support. In these gatherings, we study and we make new music. We experientially practice psychoacoustic principles. We have lots of fun, too!

Within the Sound Sangha, we also explore this holistic question: Can we engage vibration and frequency without acknowledging the spiritual through
line of rhythm, voice, and the desire for union and harmony?” – JL